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Lucile Lingerie Honors A Luxurious Legacy

2 Mar

Hello Darlings!

Today, I am delighted to share with you the stunning Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Britain’s historic brand, Lucile Lingerie.

Lucile Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown♥ Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown ♥

Lucile Lingerie - Indiscretions Chiffon Gown♥ Indiscretions Chiffon Gown

The Lucile Brand, once one of the most iconic and revered fashion houses of the early 20th Century, has been revived by Camilla Blois in a most stunning manner. Lucile Lingerie has recently debuted two collections of lingerie and luxury nightwear, ushering into the world garments that are both instantly classic and unforgettably timeless. The exquisitely beautiful lingerie whispers of another era when women were awakening to a new world where they could be bold, audacious, seductive and daring.

“Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s revolutionary and stunning lingerie designs of the early 20th Century, Lucile represents femininity, elegance and romance. Combining sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and delicate drapery, each piece is crafted to celebrate and enhance the female form.

When buying a Lucile product, you are buying into a piece of history, a celebration of femininity, sensuality and romance. Lady Duff Gordon’s signature style will run through every lingerie item, making it unmistakably recognizable as Lucile.”   ~ Lucile Lingerie Philosophy

Lucile Lingerie Short Black Kimono♥ Duchess of Warwick Georgette Short Black Kimono ♥

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29 Aug

Peonies by Rainflower Company

Eberjay Fairy Tale Bralet and Fairy Tale Boythong

Wedding Veil pattern by sewillia


Mlle. Remi

Panty of the Day: French Toile

21 Dec

Oooo la la, this adorable silk set from {Underdressed Lingerie} is such a gorgeous take on French Toile, evoking imagery of lords and ladies frolicking in the grass after an afternoon picnic.  The frilly details, the shaping of the cups, and the lightweight silk is all so lovely.

{Amelie Single Ruffle Bra & Rouched Knicker}

Undressed Lingerie: Amelie Bra & Knicker

Undressed Lingerie: Amelie Bra & Knicker

Amelie Single-Frill Bra

Undressed Lingerie: Amelie Single-Frill Bra

Amelie Rouched KnickerUndressed Lingerie: Amelie Rouched Knicker

I know that was a set of lingerie, and not just a panty, but I couldn’t resist sharing the entire set.  Pop on over to Underdressed Lingerie for more beautiful bras & panty sets; they carry Ayten Gasson, Fleur’t, and Mimi Holiday.  Underdressed ships from the UK but don’t let that stop you!

I’m off to dream of a romp in the french grass!


Mlle. Remi

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