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Garden Stroll

9 Mar

This breezy, ethereal photo shoot is making me long for warm days when only the most minimal of clothing could possibly be comfortable.I love the frilly, floral and utterly feminine mood; if you are bold enough for wearing lingerie as outer-wear, this is a perfect bit of inspiration for pulling that off.

Let’s go cherry picking and stain our fingers purple!


Mlle. Remi

Please Credit Responsibly

Photographer: Sergio de Luz
Stylist: Blanca Puebla
Make up & Hair:  Cesar Fernandez @ Talents
Photo Assistant: Javier del Olmo
Model: Eva Alvarez @ Delphoss


Gothic Romance

7 Mar

I don’t usually go in for fetish wear, but parts of this photo shoot are stunning and dark. Natalie Shau & Hideo (caution, link is NSFW and contains some graphic fetish imagery in case that’s not your thing) have captured a romantic, dark mood with frothy black lace and giant black roses. This is like something out of a Gothic fairy tale, conjuring thoughts of tangled, deep-black forests and brambles that reach out to pull you into a thorny embrace.

Natalie Shau & Hideo Portraits

Natalie Shau & Hideo Portraits

Natalie Shau & Hideo Portraits

Stunning. The last image is a bit freak-show, but I love it the line it straddles between art and erotica. What do you think, dear reader?


Mlle. Remi

Photography by Natalie Shau & Hideo. Please Credit Responsibly!
Art direction, styling and post process Natalie Shau

Summertime Fever

6 Mar

Dear Summertime,

I peeked outside my window just now, and it’s dreary, cold, and grey. I long to see green grass and flowering tree branches; to taste fresh peaches from a tree. To get my fingers dirty in garden soil and take slow strolls around the neighborhood. I want to have picnics and take drives to far-off places with the windows rolled down. Fresh air! WARM air! Please hurry up and get here already, sunshine! In the meantime, I’ll just keep myself busy by gathering wardrobe inspiration.

My summer-style inspiration this year is candy-colors, polka-dots, towering platform espadrilles, and pin-up gals of the 50’s. I want to spend a lot of time out in the garden this year, so rompers and petal pushers are just the ticket for me! This photo shoot was featured in Elle Bulgaria’s August 2011 issue, but it’s so much fun, I couldn’t resist sharing.

What about you, butter-cup? What’s your inspiration for warmer weather?

Mlle. Remi

Please Credit Responsibly.
Fashion story for ELLE Bulgaria, The August issue

Antonia Yordanova, styling
Aleko Osenski, photography
Ventsislava Koycheva, make-up
Katerina Nguen @ Stephan Iztok, hair stylist
Elizabeth@ Ivet Fashion MA, model

Diliana Florentin, retouching

Erotique Cirque

5 Mar

This photo shoot featured in XO Magazine is tickling my circus-bone. I love the black-and-white stripes, the tulle skirt, the shiny black basque. Wonderful inspiration for a steampunk outing, a Victorian-inspired boudoir session, or for playing ringmaster of the bedroom. All that’s missing is a top hat, a chair, and a lion in need of taming! Mrrrow!

Tiffany S. ~ Wednesday's Child

Tiffany S. ~ Wednesday's Child

Tiffany S. ~ Wednesday's Child

Tiffany S. ~ Wednesday's Child

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and don’t be shy! It’s only a bit of fun, oh my!


Mlle. Remi

‘Wednesday’s Child’ Images Courtesy of Tiffany S.

Makeup: Raisy Kazi

Hair: Irina Lavrega
Styling: Nalinie Budhu
Model: Krystal Reeve (NEXT Toronto)
Assisted by Brittany Alyse

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