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Panty of the Day: Anthropologie’s Creme Brulee

17 Feb Creme Brulee by Only Hearts

This ‘Creme Brulee’ camisole & panty set from Anthropologie doesn’t exactly bring to mind the crunchy, sweet dessert (a favorite of darling Amelie), but it does conjure images of summer afternoons & sunshine streaming through open windows.

Creme Brulee by Only Hearts
Creme Brulee by Only Hearts

{Creme Brulee Set via Anthropologie}

Perhaps its the open and airy lace, or the delicate pinkish-nude, slightly diffused and muted.  Wear this little set under a chiffon dress, or fall into bed amongst pillows and feathery blankets.

Ooo la la!


Mlle. Remi


Look No Further Than Tallulah Love!

12 Jan Tallulah Love Luxury Set
Tallulah Love Luxury Set

Tallulah Love Luxury Set

{Tallulah Love ~ Heart Shaped Box}

I have such a crush on Tallulah Love! The styling, the construction, the colors…oh goodness!  I’m fanning myself here, seriously!

Lets start with their luxury gift boxes, shall we?  They remind me of vintage hat boxes and I just love the idea of keeping dainty lingerie in pretty boxes! They can be added to any order, and there are three unique designs to choose from. What a perfect way to give the gift of lingerie! ♥

For the penchant cross between Great Gatsby 1920’s decadence and Gypsy Rose’s lingerie closet, do step into the world of Tallulah Love.

Tallulah LoveLove Birds Balconette Bra and Brief

Vintage Lace Full-Line Corset, Skirt and Brief

Chantilly Lace Bridal Collection

I am still waiting for Tallulah Love to break into more US boutiques; perhaps I will have to take the initiative, open a little boutique of my own, and fill it with their sexy and sophisticated fashions! I look forward to that day!  ♥


Mlle. Remi

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