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Fair Verona

22 Nov

I’m really digging the 70’s-slash-40’s vibe that is going on in the new Fair Verona photo shoot of their Jetset Daydream collection. The aviation and travel theme…the big 70’s sunglasses…the luggage…the rolled & set hair…

1. Old World Swirl Romper & Lace Pant  2. Old World Swirl Romper

3. Rosaline Crop Cami & Convertible Ruffle Pant  4. Giuletta Skirted Panty

I’m really in love with the Old World Swirl romper; the back of it is so alluring and pretty. The pattern is very unique and not something you see everyday in lacework. Big fan. Huge. I would love to see this little ditty under my holiday tree!

A friend of mine has pants that are similar to the ruffle pants, although I’m fairly certain her’s are vintage. Either way, they are super fun and cute. They are also convertible, so you can change the length of the pant leg. The bloomers are pretty freaking adorable too. This whole set is just cooing to be played with! Come play with me!


Mlle. Remi


Fraulein Annie

21 Nov Falling In Love ~ Blush

Sometimes I come across lingerie that just stops me in my tracks. Takes my breath away. Leaves me swearing out loud. “Hot Damn! That’s some gorgeous lingerie!” It often takes something very unique, stunning, and creative for me to experience such an outburst.

That time is now. “Hot damn!” I say. Fraulein Annie has stolen my heart beat.

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Fraulein Annie is “stylish and glamorous with a hint of vintage. Romantic, shape-enhancing and wearable”. The brand, inspired by a Marlene Dietrich song about the pain of “an unfulfilled love”, is evocative of Hollywood glam and early 20th century feminine form. The designer, Frauke Nagal describes the brand as “beautifully feminine with a romantic, melancholic view on a bygone era. Think the avant-garde style of the 20s to 40s mixed with quirky 50s and 60s, think Cabaret.”

I think I am completely smitten.

‘Falling In Love’ is an extremely romantic, vintage-inspired collection that features satin and lace in three colorways: a deep chestnut brown with black accents, a luscious cream and blush-red, and a opalescent grey and ivory set. There are many style options as well ranging from balcony bras, fuller-bust bras, basques (with removable suspenders), short knickers, thongs, and shaping high-waisted briefs. The fit of these pieces looks spectacular, and were designed with modern fabrics specifically to “tuck in, lift and smooth” to achieve the desirable hour-glass figure.

‘Bye Bye Mein Herr’ is inspired by cabaret, all dark and sultry. Strong lines are softened by contrasting grosgrain ribbon for a quirky, edgy look. This collection includes two bra shapes, an under-bust girdle, a “thigh slimmer”, short knickers, and a shaping brief.

‘Don’t Say Sie’ brings vintage shapewear into modern times with lightweight mesh that smooths and flattens, with contrasting black and gold accents. The body suit features “multiway straps” which can be adjusted to change the position of the straps to suit any outfit. The collection also features a deep plunge bra, a fuller-bust bra, a shaping brief, and a girdle with suspenders.

You can find Fraulein Annie’s collections at Fig Leaves. Be on the lookout for the 2012 Spring/Summer Swimsuit line as well!

Photos by Claire Pepper
Hair & Make-Up by Joella Butler

Photos used with permission, courtesy of Frauke Nagal.


Mlle. Remi

Claudette Lingerie

20 Nov

Hello lovely. How have you been? I do hope you are feeling well. Myself, I am keen to introduce you to another lovely new lingerie brand. People often say that comfort is key, and Claudette has that in spades.

Claudette Lingerie

The creator and founder of Claudette, Robin Levitt, and her team of women had a simple wish:

“All we wanted was a pretty bra that fit”

The designers set out with this idea and took matters into their own hands. Now we have Claudette, an entire collection of lingerie that fulfills so many other wishes: beautiful, flattering, comfortable, luxurious and affordable.

Claudette Brassiere collections come in a wide range of cup sizes up to a 38 band.  The collection is designed in London using standard UK sizes ranging from A – D, DD, E, F, FF, and G, which means that the shaping and structure of the garments enhances curves beautifully. Full-figured women will look amazing in these bras and knickers.

I love the color blocking of the Sophia collection, as well as the photo-shoot inspired by the Italian goddess, Sophia Loren. I adore the 60’s vibe and the color panels that flatter the eye, while the nylon-spandex blend offers comfortable, breathable support.

Claudette ~ Sophia Collection

The collection is a wonder-of-threes, featuring three different bra shapes and matching bottoms, in three different color-ways (a deep sea grey & white, mauve & peach, and turquoise & yellow).

Sophia bras include a convertible-strapless, an unlined demi, and a lined underwire balconette. Mix and match with a boy-leg brief, a high-waisted brief with detachable garter, or a a bikini-thong that looks incredibly comfortable.

The ‘Cool Cotton’ collection is a perfect basic set which comes in black, mauve, or white. The breathable cotton-poly blend will keep you cool and comfortable, in the most flattering, supportive way!

Claudette Cool Cotton Bra

I also love the seductive mesh contrast of the Dessous collection which comes in black, mauve, leopard print, and neon pink! So flirty and cute!

Claudette ~ Dessous Mesh Brassiere

The new AW 2011 collections from Claudette will be debuting online and at select retailers in the US and UK.

Photo Shoot styled by Shirley Vazquez and Anita Baldizon ~ I’m Dreaming of Vintage. Photographed by Chris Steinbach. Photos used with permission.


Mlle. Remi

Window Shopping

15 Nov

Confession time: I love window displays! I am a total sap when it comes to well-designed shop windows. I even go so far as to squirrel away photos of neat, amazing, & creative window displays that I find during my internet travels.

I love it when window dressers go full tilt with their displays; especially if they use props. The more outrageous and theatrical, the better!

Here’s a roundup of a few amazing window displays that are inspiring, stylish, sophisticated, and fun!

Modern Millie

Modern Millie ~ Newburyport, Ma

I just adore Modern Millie Vintage & Consignment! I took this photo at a Grand Opening event a few years ago when Modern Millie was expanding into a second location.  I thought I was a very lucky girl to live in a town with such an amazing shop; oh my stars, even luckier considering there’s a second Millie just a few towns away! My life would not be the same without the beautiful & talented women of Modern Millie.

Modern Millie - Salem, Ma

I know the quality of this photo isn’t the best, but come on! Look at that color story! I took this photo during an evening stroll around town, shortly after Modern Millie outgrew her first home in Salem, and had moved to a newer, bigger & brighter space just around the corner from the original. You can’t see it here, but over in the corner, there’s a very handsome rooster wearing pearls. Fancy!

Lingerie Art Show

I think this artist-studio-scene is intimate, unique and poetic. Oddly, the trail of leaves in the bottom of the window and the ethereal curtain are what draws my attention so completely. Such a simple thing and yet, so powerful. I can’t explain it!

Rosey Window

Here, I am reminded of going on thrifting adventures with my mother; we are both drawn to roses and pansies. This is such a lovely set of vintage under-pinnings, and the aesthetic is pleasing and rosy. I kind of want to live inside this window!

Holiday Window ~ Henri Bendel

This is just…well…decadent! Wacky! Like a wild, nutty fever dream. Check out the rat-queen headpiece, the bizarre sextuplet of owls peering over from the grandfather clock, and the strange dolly in the polka-dot & stripes-house. Expect nothing less from Henri Bendel.

A Woman ~ Bygone Vintage Clothing

Another amazing shop, Bygones Vintage Clothing, in Richmond, Va just knocks my socks off with their fantastic window displays which resemble theatrical, artful story boards and snapshots seemingly captured from another time. Do have a peek at their site for more clever and amazing photos of their window displays.

The Man of Elegance ~ De Fursac Paris

The Man of Elegance ~ De Fursac Paris

Simple, Sophisticated, Surreal. De Fursac.

Vintage Swimwear, Sydney Australia - 1940s

I love this elaborate underwater gathering. Are they dancing? Catching fish? Gossiping? Definitely gossiping!

Radio Shop

“Thomas R. Shipp Co. Atwater Kent window. Woodward & Lothrop.” Department store window display of Atwater Kent radio equipment circa 1928 in Washington, D.C. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. (click to embiggen!)

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of window shopping! Stay cool, kittens!


Mlle. Remi

The Frames Warm Some Hearts

13 Nov

How about something different today? Let’s enjoy some music together; it’ll be like having a listening party! I used to do that as a kid. Call a friend up on the phone after school; “come over and listen to the new Smurfs soundtrack with me!”

True story, I was given a Smurf’s picture-disc LP when I turned eight. I loved it; they sang American Standards and little tunes such as ‘the ants go marching by’ & ‘I’m a pink tooth brush – you’re a blue toothbrush’. Me and my little friend would sit on the red-shag carpeting, listening to records and eating popcorn.

I should do more of that now! A while back, I was at a friends house listening to her record collection; she sang along to ‘The Sound of Music’ while I marveled at having gone my whole life never seeing that film in it’s entirely. True story.


Let’s listen to The Frames together, okay?!

The Frames

The Frames

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Merry Widows

12 Nov Western by *cellar-fcp

I find something so alluring about black corsets, merry widows, waist cinchers and frilly lacy things. Here’s a little roundup of artfully-worn pieces of black magic.

Western by *cellar-fcp

Western by *cellar-fcp

Mimi ~ Kiss Me Deadly

Mimi ~ Kiss Me Deadly

Leighton Meester

Emmanuelle Latte Waspie from Fauve

Emmanuelle Latte Waspie from Fauve[/caption]

1. Western by *cellar-fcp     2. Mimi by Kiss Me Deadly     3. Corset & Hand ~ Karle Doyle     4.  Unknown     5. Leighton Meester     6. Black Frilly Knickers ~ Pandora’s Choice     7. Emmanuelle Latte Waspie ~ Fauve     8. Only Hearts Mesh Bloomer ~ Free People


Mlle. Remi

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