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Lucile Lingerie Honors A Luxurious Legacy

2 Mar

Hello Darlings!

Today, I am delighted to share with you the stunning Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Britain’s historic brand, Lucile Lingerie.

Lucile Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown♥ Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown ♥

Lucile Lingerie - Indiscretions Chiffon Gown♥ Indiscretions Chiffon Gown

The Lucile Brand, once one of the most iconic and revered fashion houses of the early 20th Century, has been revived by Camilla Blois in a most stunning manner. Lucile Lingerie has recently debuted two collections of lingerie and luxury nightwear, ushering into the world garments that are both instantly classic and unforgettably timeless. The exquisitely beautiful lingerie whispers of another era when women were awakening to a new world where they could be bold, audacious, seductive and daring.

“Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s revolutionary and stunning lingerie designs of the early 20th Century, Lucile represents femininity, elegance and romance. Combining sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and delicate drapery, each piece is crafted to celebrate and enhance the female form.

When buying a Lucile product, you are buying into a piece of history, a celebration of femininity, sensuality and romance. Lady Duff Gordon’s signature style will run through every lingerie item, making it unmistakably recognizable as Lucile.”   ~ Lucile Lingerie Philosophy

Lucile Lingerie Short Black Kimono♥ Duchess of Warwick Georgette Short Black Kimono ♥

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A Comfort Thing

11 Jan

Blanco Lingerie Fall 2010{Caroline Winberg: Blanco Lingerie Fall 2010}

Ah, home sweet home!  After a long day at work, all I want to do is relax in a vintage nightgown or some cute pajama pants while I unwind & decompress.  Comfort is key, but I’m not one to throw on any old pair of sweats or a ratty old sweater.  Call me crazy, but give me satin & silk please!

I prefer vintage nightgowns and robes in delicate silks, satins and cotton-poly blends.  On chilly nights, I layer a cardigan over a long satin dressing gown, and throw on a pair of knee-high socks for ultimate warmth. Dressing gowns get a bit of a bad rap, I’m afraid.  Are these garments of a forgotten era?  I like this astute & witty observation about dressing gowns from the ultimate rake, Ryan Oakley:

“What it becomes depends upon when and how your choose to wear it.  Don it alone or in intimate company and you’ll look refined.  Wear it outside and you’ll look berserk.  Perhaps you are both.”
~ Ryan Oakley @ The Grumpy Owl

Etsy and local thrift shops are great resources for tracking down vintage slips, nightgowns, and robes.  Plus, thrifting can be an inexpensive way to stock up in an eco-friendly way!  I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $10US on vintage lingerie at my local thrift towns.  ♥

Vintage Italian Nightgown & Vintage Chiffon Nightgown

If you feel odd about buying second-hand sleepwear, don’t sweat it; just <a title="How to Wash Vingage Lingerie" href="http://www.scribd.com/doc/11630314/How-to-Wash-Vintgive them a good washing!  In many cases, vintage clothing is “dead stock” merchandise that has never been worn & stored in a warehouse for years.  In other cases, it is simply well-cared-for-clothing from another era.  I have found dozens of vintage slips and nightgowns with the original store tags still on, which always gives me a thrill!

If you are inclined to sewing, try a vintage sewing pattern & whip up something fantastic!


A robe is so classic!  Whether you throw on a terry-cloth robe after the bath or lounge around in a silk number, robes are a versatile item that I happen to adore.   Cotton and terry-cloth robes, while perfect for throwing on after a shower or bath, might be too bulky to lounge in around the house. A silk or lightweight is just the ticket for ultimate luxury.  Wear a long robe on Sunday mornings for breakfasting with the family, or a short & sexy number on Friday night for an at-home date night.

Winter Silks Floral Splendor Gown & Robe

Silk Berry Dressing Gown & Persian Pink Georgette Dressing Gown by Kirsty Doyle

Devonshire Kimono Robe by Sibelle & Mistress Collection Silk Kimono Top

Butterfly Founce Robe & Mimi Side-Tie Top and Hepburn Ruffle Pant by Toute la Nuit


Cotton-microfiber and jersey yoga pants have got to be one of the best inventions of this century, seriously!  They are available in so many styles & colors, at every price-point imaginable, from thousands of retailers online and off.  Of course there is a bit of mockery surrounding yoga pants, and I’m sure someone, somewhere is lamenting their sweatpant-like appeal.  In some circles, yoga pants are sex-repellant, while in others they are a must-have item that gets the most wear out of anything else in the closet.  Wear yoga pants to the gym (or obviously, during yoga practice), to the grocery store, or to the local coffee shop while you hang with your dearest friend on a lazy Sunday!  Just don’t wear them on a fancy dinner date, I guess?  Unless you are into that kind of relaxed comfort!  It can be a turn-on!

Calla Lilly, Cotton Spot, and Teal & Khaki Rose Pyjamas by Lazeme

Pajama sets are just as versatile, depending on the print and fabric, in that they are not just for sleeping! PJs are generally cut with a looser fit than form-fitting yoga pants, and tend to be more of a straight-leg style compared to the flared or bootleg cut of yoga pants. Lightweight cotton PJs are best for the hot summer months, while a thicker cotton-flannel or microfiber is better suited for the chilly months. PJ Salvage has some of the most comfortable PJs ever in wacky, wild, and super-cute patterns that will knock your socks off. Pun intended!


Okay, I admit…”long johns” – or long underwear – make me think of fishermen and striped onesies for adults, but trust me, silk underwear is amazing!!  Stock up on a long-sleeve shirt and matching leggings and wear them while lounging around the house, or layered underneath your clothes.  Silk is a great heat conductor and will keep you nice & toasty at home, or out & about.

Spunksilk Jersy & Satin-trim Silk Underwear by Wintersilks

Similarly, fleece-lined leggings are a great item to keep in your sock drawer.  They are not as bulky as you’d think and there are many hosiery designers that stock leggings in petite, tall, and plus sizes.   I was recently gifted two pairs of fleece-lined tights and they are incredibly comfortable and warm!


I have a friend who likes to layer a t-shirt underneath one of her husband’s old button-down shirts; she wears this “risky-business-meets-annie-hall” number with loose pajama pants and a pair of woolly socks.  This sounds like such a classic & effortless style twist, and I love the “business-time” element.  She says there is a bonus kink factor in that it drives her husband kind of wild when she wears his shirts.  She also likes to clean the house in this ensemble; saying it gives her inner feminist a sly boost, doing “women’s work” in “men’s work clothes”.  I love it!  Rock it gurrl!

If you don’t have any cast-away business shirts laying around, a trek to the thrift store is bound to yield some amazing results.  Look for over-sized shirts in crazy prints or classic & crisp white.  Just be sure to check various spots of the shirt for over-wear, such as holes in the elbow area or stains in the armpits.  EW!  Be sure to drop the shirts off at the dry cleaner or throw them through a hot water cycle in the washing machine before you lounge away, business style!

As always,


Mlle. Remi

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