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Merry Widows

12 Nov Western by *cellar-fcp

I find something so alluring about black corsets, merry widows, waist cinchers and frilly lacy things. Here’s a little roundup of artfully-worn pieces of black magic.

Western by *cellar-fcp

Western by *cellar-fcp

Mimi ~ Kiss Me Deadly

Mimi ~ Kiss Me Deadly

Leighton Meester

Emmanuelle Latte Waspie from Fauve

Emmanuelle Latte Waspie from Fauve[/caption]

1. Western by *cellar-fcp     2. Mimi by Kiss Me Deadly     3. Corset & Hand ~ Karle Doyle     4.  Unknown     5. Leighton Meester     6. Black Frilly Knickers ~ Pandora’s Choice     7. Emmanuelle Latte Waspie ~ Fauve     8. Only Hearts Mesh Bloomer ~ Free People


Mlle. Remi


A Day at the Museum

5 Sep

Last week, during my epic stay-cation, my honey-of-a-fiance convinced me to put on some clothes and leave the house.  For adventures! In the city!

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