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Panty of the Day: Go Celtics!

24 Jan

Hello darlings!  This post is a bit late today, but I do hope you’ll forgive me!  You see, its my birthday this week, so I’m taking a wee break to celebrate & reflect on the past year.   I’ll be spending quality time working on some sewing projects, play with the cat, hug the Mister, laugh with my friends, and dream up some big goals for the coming year.  I’ve got so many amazing things on my to-do list, and I can’t wait to share the results with you all!

So do forgive…it will be quiet around here for a few days.

For the time being, I’m putting myself to bed early.  I’m going to a Celtics game tomorrow!  I could NOT be more excited!!  I only wish I was wearing a pair of these!

Celtics Kelly Green Panty

Celtics Kelly Green Panty

{Celtics Kelly Green Thong}


Go Celtics!  Beat the Cavs!


Mlle. Remi


Panty of the Day: Icing on the Cake

23 Jan

My sweet tooth is aching!  The Mister bought me chocolate-covered cherries today and I am in heaven.  They are definitely my favorite sweet.

Speaking of sweetness, these panties are amazing!  The shocking pink color, the ruffle, the little bows at the hips….these manage to be sexy, demure, and coquettish at the same time.  As their name implies, they are the “icing on the cake”.  And I bet that cake is as sweet as can be!

Icing On The Cake by Toad Lillie

Icing On The Cake by Toad Lillie

{Icing On The Cake Silk Panties by Toad Lillie}

The bra is adorable as well. In fact, the entire Toad Lillie shop is full of gorgeous satin, charmeuse and silk. Beautiful creations for sure!

Mlle. Remi

Curves Ahead

22 Jan

Look out, this post is full of gorgeous curves & sumptuous lingerie!

Felicity Bra & Brief by Fantasie

Felicity Bra & Brief by Fantasie

{Felicity Bra & Brief by Fantasie} ~ Cup Sizes C-H

I hold a special place in my heart for lingerie designers who create garments that are wide-ranging in options and styles.  Sure, made-to-fit lingerie is a peachy dream, but that isn’t always possible.  Mass-produced lingerie can tend to be generic in shape and style.  If you are a curvy woman, finding well-fitting lingerie can become even more challenging!

So its a fantastic moment when a lingerie designer comes along and offers amazing, progressive designs that are suitable for a varied range of wishes and needs.  Even more amazing is the lingerie designer who dreams up flattering garments for curvy figures, without sacrificing style and comfort.

The Eveden Group is a family of highly-respected lingerie brands including Fauve, Fantasie, Freya, Elomi and Huit, and they all absolutely fit the bill (and more):

“We are leaders in the D+ intimate apparel market, offering a whole family of brands, each with their own personality and position in the market. We understand that one size does not fit all and that every woman is different in terms of her size, shape, taste and even how she feels! We offer high quality, fashion conscious lingerie and bra-sized swimwear.

All of our materials are responsibly sourced from our trusted suppliers around the globe, in more than 30 countries and manufactured in high quality environments with rigorously applied employee welfare policies and practices.”

Gorgeous lingerie and a progressive-minded approach to the entire process?  Sign me up and strap me in!  Whether you prefer a wider bra strap, want to customize the cup shape, or you’re looking for better side-support, each of these brands has you covered! Many of the classic bra designs and newer styles come in larger cup sizes as well.

Not to mention, the new Spring/Summer ’11 collections could not be more beautiful and satisfying to behold.

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Panty of the Day: Groovy Bootie

17 Jan

These groovy chick panties can be customized to your favorite panty shape (brief, bikini, thong, hipster, and boyshort) and come with a cute lingerie bag.  Sexy babe!

Groovy Chick Panty
Groovy Chick Panty

Groovy Chick Panty via Queen B Lingerie

Panty of the Day: Snow Leopard

13 Jan

{Enamore UK}, is an eco-friendly brand that specializes in sustainable products made from organic cotton, renewable-source bamboo, silk, and hemp.   All of their lingerie is handmade to order! Its refreshing to see a company so dedicated to handmade & natural processes that include avoidance of harmful chemicals and harsh fabric treatments.  For the eco-conscious gals out there, Enamore is a perfect source of stylish lingerie that not only feels good to wear, but makes the soul happy too!

Enamore Bedrock Shorts

Enamore Bedrock Shorts

{Bedrock Shorts by Enamore}

“These racy leopard print shorts are made from a soft bamboo jersey featuring front ruching detail trimmed with flamingo pink satin bows. Each garment is hand made to order.” ~ via Enamore

Panty of the Day: Sweety Pants

11 Jan

It is no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the brief-style of panties.  The addition of adorable stitching and flattering lines only adds to my adoration.

These {Cheeky by Lisca} “sweety” panty briefs are indeed sweet!  They are made of a low-maintenance poly fiber mixed with a stretchy elastin blend.  The stitching and little bows are just so cute.  These come in white with pink details as well.  Ooo la la sweetness!

"Sweety" Panty Brief ~ Cheeky by Lisca

"Sweety" Panty Brief ~ Cheeky by Lisca

Panty of the Day: Urban Fox’s Sustainable Stockings

4 Jan
Urban Fox "Super Hero" Stocking Set

Urban Fox "Super Hero" Stocking Set

Urban Fox is a powerhouse duo of ladies based in the Midwest, and they make “lingerie for the knockout” in bamboo and organic cotton blends that are eco-friendly.

This {Urban Fox Stocking Set} comes in pink or yellow, and it looks to me as if the garters are removable so that one could wear just the shorts, or just the stockings, or all together now as a garter-stocking-shorts combo.

Granted these are a bit pricey, but they’re all-in-one, and you don’t see that every day, especially in sustainable & comfy cotton!

Good stuff!

Mlle. Remi

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