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Loose Buttons: Soapy Sunday Edition

20 Dec

My sweetie & I spent most of the weekend working on our holiday crafts; I do enjoy giving handmade gifts to my family & friends each year.  Usually I bake cookies and other delicious morsels, but this year I wanted to do something different.  I can’t say what we’ve been working on yet, but I can say that my  hands are very soft & clean! I hope to post photos of out handmade goodies after the holidays.

Here are a few tidbits that I came across for this week’s edition of Loose Buttons (Link ♥):

These {Le Chat Noir Knee Socks} are so adorable!

I love these images from {Henri Moshizi}. {#9} & {#5}

This advice on {how to be happy} is very sweet & effective.  “Read good books”; “Take long naps”.  YES!

Jewel-toned, rich colors & satin details just make me swoon. {via Style Bakery}

{Aubade Bandeau Bra & Trousers}


Portrait of Mme Mucha

Portrait of Mme Mucha


Lace Boots

{Image Credits Unknown}


ASOS Striped Stockings


Raspberry Fishnets

[On Sundays, look back and] ask yourself what was good about each day and how it could have been better. Use five colored pencils to underline on the calendar, in the appropriate color, whatever you did in the previous week:

Black: I wouldn’t have done this.

Blue: I would have delegated this.

Red: I did this for health.

Green: I did this to grow.

Favorite color: I did this with family/friends, for fun.

After you’ve valued your past week, look at what’s coming in the next week, which should be written in pencil. Is your schedule humane? Are there things you should erase right now? Are important colors missing?

– Deborah Szekley, writing for Spirituality & Health
From Utne.com: {How to Avoid Becoming a Boring Old Person}



Vavavoooom! This woman's body is amazing!

Super cute 1950's Slice of Heaven!

Alright Guys & Dolls,I’m off to bed-time land.  Here’s hoping the coming week is full of wonderful surprises.


Mlle. Remi

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