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Divine Treats

16 Feb

Hello Kittens. Valentine’s Day certainly whooshed past quickly, at least in my world! On the day in question, I was sick and confined to bed all day long while the Mister made floral deliveries to dozens of lucky women (and one man). Now here I am, mid-week, enjoying busy days and languid nights, slowly recovering from a recurring illness. Thankfully, the weekend leading up to the fated day of romance was spent in the company of the Mister, pattering around town and bopping around the house. On Saturday he took me shopping for produce (!!!) and lingerie…and oh what a treat that was, to be set free amongst satin & lace and told to pick out anything I wanted. I’m spoiled rotten!


Bibiana Mesa for Amulette SS10

Bibiana Mesa for Amulette SS10

{Bibana Mesa for Amulette Lingerie}

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Oh Dear, too many parties!

15 Feb

Oh my…oh dear!  Where have I been?!  Dearies, all I can say about my absence is that the intervening weeks have been a whirlwind of birthday parties, celtics games, superbowl festivities, more birthday parties, dinner dates, and you guessed it…MORE birthday parties!

Fun fact about me, most of the women in my family were born between December-February.  A great majority are Aquarians (myself included).  I also have several friends with January & February birthdays.  These are special times!

Parties are not an excuse to skip blogging, I know!  But life has been fun and grand, and it was nice to take a breather to sort out the scope of this blog.  The lingerie world is full of lovely blogs & online stores, and it takes time to carve out a niche.  However, it doesn’t take long for a blog to putter out quietly, especially when its owner is so neglectful!  Boo!!!

So suffice if I say…whoever out there reads this blog, I love & adore you and hope that I can bring a little whimsy & joy into your day.  I WILL work harder to bring you fresh, cute & useful content as often as possible.

Folks who know me might say that I’m a well-rounded individual, and my interests are far-reaching and eclectic.  I’d like this blog to be a space where I can share some of my quirks, stories, and obsessions.  As a fledgling blogger (ew), it feels right to re-declare my intentions.  Imagine the rosy-cheeked girl standing under her amber porch-light, turning coy and saying “do you still want to join me indoors?”.  That’s me, still trying to balance everything out.

Naturally, I am very passionate about lingerie and I can go only so many days without digging around in lace and satin, so expect the usual ‘Panty of the Day’ posts and ‘Loose Button’ roundups as well!

I hope that as time goes on, I will post more often and remember to water the seeds so that the Mairose Boutique (of my dreams) can grow & bloom.

Thank you for your support.  More (frequent) posts to follow.


Mlle. Remi


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