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Panty of the Day: Newsprint by Galliano

16 Dec

Here are some sexy briefs from John Galliano, styled in his classic newsprint fabric and sewn in such a clever, flattering manner.  I just adore that minxy man! PS. Now showing at Galliano.com is his Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show. Enjoy!

Sadly, I think this will be the closest I’ll ever come to owning a Galliano of my own!  I’ll wear these proudly!!

John Galliano Brief

John Galliano Brief

{John Galliano Brief $59}

Mlle. Remi


Panty of the Day: French Knickers

3 Dec

Look at these adorable french knickers!

Black Polka Dot French Knickers

French Knickers by Sophisitikitten

Made of chiffon, they are lightweight and breezy, but offer great coverage. These frisky panties could be worn during the summer under a vintage romper or flirty skirt; they could also be layered over sturdy tights during the fall & winter months for added warmth.

Or, just wear them for a romp around the bedroom.

I ♥ french knickers!

Sadly these adorable polka-dot knickers from Sophistikitten are no longer available in her etsy shop. Perhaps she could be persuaded to whip up a pair or two on commission? They are tres chic!

Mlle. Remi

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