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Pretty Polly ~ Tights Galore!

28 Feb

As the weather turns from slightly cold to slightly less cold (we’re experiencing a strangely mild winter where I live), my thoughts turn to tights. Usually by the time March rolls around, I am still stuck wearing thick, wooly tights and legwarmers.

This season however, I find myself pondering the transitional legwear needed for a mild spring. Nothing too bulky, nothing too skimpy, warm enough but not roasting in my boots.

Pretty Polly, one of the UK’s oldest legwear brands, has some fantastic high-quality tights to suit just about every single desire I have right now for interesting and fun legwear!

While a thick pair of 200 denier fleece tights or 150 denier angora blend tights will keep my legs warm in case of a sudden snow-storm, blustery spring days call for something thinner, such as 120 denier modal tights. If the spring weather becomes confusingly-warmer, switching to a pair of 60 denier plush tights will be much more comfortable!

After warmer weather sets in, it gets easier to have fun with one’s wardrobe and legwear. The examples below are so much fun! I’m obsessed with the faux-suspender tights! ♥


Stylish TightsSuspended TightsUnbelievable TightsFlighty Ribbon Bow Backseam Tights

I also LOVE a good pair of nylons, although I’m afraid they get a bad reputation from being compared to the awful, low-quality of drug store nylons. These are NOT those, my friends.

Pretty Polly 10 denier nylons come in a wide variety of colors, from skin-tone to gray to black shades, in several different styles such as lace hold ups, full-leg backseams, glossy stockings and glossy full-leg nylons.


Nylons – Lace Top Hold UpsNylons – Backseam TightsNylons – Gloss StockingsNylons – Gloss Tights

The collaboration of Pretty Polly for House of Holland has yielded some awesomely-modern designs as well; having Jessie J model for the campaign is certainly eye opening too! They get bonus points for being extremely affordable and high-quality to boot! ♥ ♥ ♥

Pretty Polly is available from their website (with international shipping), and in the US from My Tights.


Mlle. Remi

Images via Pretty Polly UK. Please Credit Responsibly!


A Tight Round-up

31 Aug

Cool weather approaches!  Your feet might get cold!  Pull out that box of last-year’s tights, friend!  Take a look at what you have, sort through all those socks and tights, toss old gross things with holes and runs, tidy up those that remain.  Make a list of what you need for the coming fall season; perhaps you need some colorful socks to wear with transitional platform-sandals?  Or possibly some shockingly RED tights to wear with all of your ‘basic black’ outfits? Maybe you want to start wearing thigh-highs underneath your vintage secretary dresses?

Sexy Siren  (NSFW)

Jump through the portal to a post full of versatile anklets, socks, thigh-highs, colorful tights and more!

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The Search For Pointelle

17 Feb

Sometimes it can be so frustrating to see photos of lingerie or hosiery and not know who designed/created/made the product.  Alas, the syndrome of dropping photo & other creationist credits from pictures, festered by tumblr & pinterest.  Sigh.

Ever since I found that lovely image of the frothy, ice-cream-sunday inspired ensemble (featured here) with the white pointelle thigh-highs, they have been haunting me.  A friend also inquired about their source and I could not be helpful with an answer.  And so…I’ve come up with some alternatives.

Up first, and perhaps the closest match are these Snuggly Pointelle Socks by Free People, which are sadly out of stock:

Free People Snuggly Pointelle Socks

Free People Snuggly Pointelle Socks

Up next, these adorable Ruche crochet over-the-knee socks.  They are almost the same, and at $14.99 you can’t beat the price!

Ruche Crochet Over the Knee Sock

Ruche Crochet Over the Knee Sock

Next, and also from Free People, Roll-top Knee Socks.  If you have short-ish legs, you could probably attach garters to these to achieve the same look.

Free People Roll-top Knee Socks

Free People Roll-top Knee Socks

Yet another option, the Aran Sheer Cable Sock by Free People.

Free People Sheer Cable Tall Sock
Free People Sheer Cable Tall Sock

Sock Dreams has an open-crocheted version as well, and we all know how awesome their hosiery can be!

These diamond-raised stitch stockings from Urban Outfitters might do the trick, although they may be too short on people with long legs (you lucky ducks!).

Another option would be to buy a pair of pointelle tights and cut off the seat part, separating the legs into two separate pieces, which you can then wear with a suspender belt.  DIY!  Express has a black pair of chevron-pointelle tights which might do the trick.  I have also found pointelle tights at Target and Anthropologie in the past.

Hopefully, if you were as curious to hunt down white pointelle thigh-highs, this post has been helpful to you!  I know I feel better! Till next time ducklings!


Mlle. Remi

Winter Warmer

28 Nov

Living in a cold region, and being someone who manages to wear dresses year-round, it’s crucial to have a battle chest of warm leg wear to choose from on chilly mornings.

At the start of each season, I take inventory of my drawer of tights & stockings, making notes as I go as to what needs replacing. When possible, I salvage and repurpose damaged items. Tights with holes in the toe are transformed into footless tights; sometimes it’s the seat of the stockings that are frayed, so I detach the seat and wear the remaining legs (new separated from each other) as thigh-high stockings with a garter belt. Extending the life of your tights is frugality at best!

New tights are wonderful though, so I make a wishlist and set out to replenish my supply of warm tights & legwarmers. Holiday bonus: ask Santa to put some new stockings into your stocking!

An indisputable favorite is the basic black stocking, usually in a microfiber or poly & nylon blend. Hands down, these tights last a long time. They are warm but not too thick, stretchy but not too tight, and they make a perfect base for layering with warm socks and boots.

For the days when I need a pop of color, I reach for tights in bright hues — purple, yellow, red, green. I love to mix color and patterns in my wardrobe!

For a more intense mix of patterns, layer black fishnet stockings over a colored tight. Instant intrigue and dead sexy!

Need warmer leg cover? Reach for a cotton blend; they tend to be a thicker texture and are very comfortable for wearing on long, cold days and nights. Some people are allergic to wool, but if you can tolerate it, merino wool tights are a great stocking to add to your arsenal. Bamboo, brushed cashmere, fine gauge cotton yarn….all perfect for surviving bitter wind chills!

Finally, Legwarmers, despite their 1980’s image, are the workhorse of warm wear. On very chilly mornings, I wear a wool blend thigh-high legwarmer over microfiber tights. Because long legwarmers tend to be they are very thick, I wear garter rings to hold them up.

So pets, don’t fret about the cold weather and pout while you stash dresses away for the winter. Just throw on a warm pair of tights with your frock and off you go!

Mlle. Remi

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