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Lingerie Endearments

26 Feb

Hello Dearies!

Since I started blogging (in fits and starts, mind you) I have been surprised by so many wonderful events surrounding this blog, and myself in general. It’s a glorious feeling to be able to write about a topic that I’m so passionate about, and there is never any shortage of fantastic pretty things to discover. Lucky me!!

Image Credits: Mairose Boutique

I’ve fawned over hundreds of amazing lingerie designers (both small and large), all wildly talented, creative and astoundingly original. I’ve come to appreciate European legacies of textile production including silk, satin, lace, and modern fabrics – all while honoring a long history of fabric milling. Many UK designers are supporting entire factories that have been in business for hundreds of years. I am in awe of this, and deeply support the continuation of Legacy.

Of course, the world is changing and needs to be taken care of in a more responsible way. Refreshingly, many legacy factories – and a great majority of designers – are embracing environmentally-sound manufacturing processes; milling organic cotton, blending sustainable bamboo and silk, developing cleaner dye processes, etc.. Other designers source and use vintage fabrics and materials, and one-of-a-kind embellishments, or craft them by hand. In our Modern Age, it’s wonderful to see so much variety in lingerie and intimate wear.

Image Credits: Mairose Boutique

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Wednesday Mentionables

24 Feb

Hello darlings! I hope this post of “mentionables” finds you well! What are “mentionables” you ask? Well, they are posts where I ponder anything & everything that is taking up space in my head! They might be personal in flavor, or just silly little conversation starters. A “midnight ramble”, if you will (would the Levon Helm fans please stand up)!

As you are well aware by now, I LOVE lingerie and frippery. I enjoy sharing that passion with others, and its my dream to bring gorgeous lingerie into the lives of women & men all over the world. At the moment, while I build my foundation, my outlet for sharing my adoration is through this blog.

I believe in honoring ethics and integrity. I feel its worth mentioning that any ads, products, or opinions posted here do not stem from endorsements, sponsorships, pats on the back, or anything of the sort. All of my posts are inspired by what I am naturally drawn to, but also from a desire to stay connected to the industry, promote independent designers, share cute “finds” with others, and explore the wonderful world of lingerie!

My intentions are to some day in the future, open a lingerie boutique in the metro Boston area, and also online. Of course this blog will be integrated into that business as it evolves. However, it is NOT my intention to be 100% commercialized all the damn time, nor is it my intention to heavily monetize the blog. While its nice to collect click-revenue, that really isn’t my goal. I’m here to collect bras & panties, tights & socks, rompers & knickers, friends & foes. Yes, even foes. They wear underwear too, don’t they!?

My dream is to build a community that revolves around body positivity, creativity & confidence, healthy relationships & friendships, self-love, and most importantly: personal growth. All while wearing amazing lingerie.

♥ ♥ ♥

I will say that as this blog grows and I learn my way, I am still learning how to effectively manage photos & content credits. I’m a little freaked out by Design Sponge’s ‘We Can Do It‘ series covering blogging ethics. Not in a negative way, but in a “I hope I’ve been doing all I can to give proper credit” kind-of-way.

I’ve been very diligent about giving credit in my posts & content thus far, but one can never be too careful! Respecting people’s rights is sexy! I vow to be more cautious about getting photo credits and permissions going forward. Nothing bad has happened! Its only fair & right to give shout outs and love to all those amazing people creating art everyday.

In the spirit of a “words-only” post, here are a few tid-bits that I’ve been enjoying.

♥ The Panache-Cleo Spring/Summer11 collection is sure to be welcome in your underwear drawer, with bras up to a J-cup, many pretty florals and bright contrasting prints. The panties look super comfy and I like the shape and support of the bras. Full coverage never looked so sexy. I’m a fan!

Velda Lauder, corset-maker to the stars, has published a new book aptly titled “Corsetry: A Modern Girl’s Guide“, which looks to be an exquisite tome extolling the virtues and eternal appeal of waist cinching. Some sources say that the focus of the book is on the historical emergence of corsetry, as well as analyzing why the female psyche is so drawn to tightlacing, and modern sexuality. Even if the book is, as one amazon-review wrote, “self-amused”, it has got to be a fascinating perspective from the woman who has become the bridal & burlesque Queen.

♥ The CurveNY/Moda Lingerie & Swimwear show wrapped up yesterday in NYC, and I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to go this year. It sounded liked a really fun time too; there was a 13-piece swing band and the first day of the event. How cool is that?! I’m very excited to see new collections for spring & summer; I’ve seen some previews and there is lot of stunning lingerie on the spring horizon!

♥ Behind the scenes, I am devoting a lot of my time to research & development of the Mairose brand. If you don’t hear from me in a while, I’m off in proposal-land where the dishes are always dirty and the house is never cleaned! ; (

Until next time.


Mlle. Remi

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