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A Tight Round-up

31 Aug

Cool weather approaches!  Your feet might get cold!  Pull out that box of last-year’s tights, friend!  Take a look at what you have, sort through all those socks and tights, toss old gross things with holes and runs, tidy up those that remain.  Make a list of what you need for the coming fall season; perhaps you need some colorful socks to wear with transitional platform-sandals?  Or possibly some shockingly RED tights to wear with all of your ‘basic black’ outfits? Maybe you want to start wearing thigh-highs underneath your vintage secretary dresses?

Sexy Siren  (NSFW)

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Panty of the Day: Urban Fox’s Sustainable Stockings

4 Jan
Urban Fox "Super Hero" Stocking Set

Urban Fox "Super Hero" Stocking Set

Urban Fox is a powerhouse duo of ladies based in the Midwest, and they make “lingerie for the knockout” in bamboo and organic cotton blends that are eco-friendly.

This {Urban Fox Stocking Set} comes in pink or yellow, and it looks to me as if the garters are removable so that one could wear just the shorts, or just the stockings, or all together now as a garter-stocking-shorts combo.

Granted these are a bit pricey, but they’re all-in-one, and you don’t see that every day, especially in sustainable & comfy cotton!

Good stuff!

Mlle. Remi

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