Mairose Boutique is the creative home of Mlle. Remi, a devoted lingerie enthusiast & aspiring shop-owner.  She is an endlessly inspired female who fawns at the sight of gorgeous satin & lace.  Happy days are those spent in the company of well-fitting knickers & bras, and there is nothing so lovely as silk against bare skin.

If you’re wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you’re halfway there to turning heads” ~ Elle Macpherson

This blog is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of women, who come in all shapes and sizes (and genders)!  Mlle. loves the curvy and bodacious, the lean and cunning, the plump and coy, pin-ups, frou-frou’s, sexy vixens, foxy ladies, drag queens, trans-socialites, minxy bitches, androgynous players, glamor gals, and all types above, below and in between!

Lingerie can serve so many forms and functions, not least of all boosting the feminine wiles.  A sexy teddy can set a fiery mood, while a chiffon & lace peignoir can start a flirtatious tickle fight that sets the heart aflutter.  There is lingerie for showing off curves (or hiding them), emphasizing the best assets (or directing attention elsewhere), and ultimately lending comfort and support.  When lingerie fits your body well, it can be such a confidence booster!

While luxurious lingerie is always a fabulous treat, Mairose Boutique seeks to feature designers that specialize in affordable pieces that are constructed to suit woman’s bodies; fit is so important!

Equally important are designers who create garments with care and concern for the environment.  Mairose Boutique strives to bring handmade, vintage, up-cycled and sustainable lingerie to the forefront.  Mlle. Remi happily supports local and small business, and those owned by Women & Minority figures.

After all, lingerie should be affordable, sustainable, fashionable, and classic, not least of all comfortable!  Of course, sometimes lingerie is just nice to look at! 

Set your passions free!


Mlle. Remi

Mairose Boutique


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