Window Shopping

15 Nov

Confession time: I love window displays! I am a total sap when it comes to well-designed shop windows. I even go so far as to squirrel away photos of neat, amazing, & creative window displays that I find during my internet travels.

I love it when window dressers go full tilt with their displays; especially if they use props. The more outrageous and theatrical, the better!

Here’s a roundup of a few amazing window displays that are inspiring, stylish, sophisticated, and fun!

Modern Millie

Modern Millie ~ Newburyport, Ma

I just adore Modern Millie Vintage & Consignment! I took this photo at a Grand Opening event a few years ago when Modern Millie was expanding into a second location.  I thought I was a very lucky girl to live in a town with such an amazing shop; oh my stars, even luckier considering there’s a second Millie just a few towns away! My life would not be the same without the beautiful & talented women of Modern Millie.

Modern Millie - Salem, Ma

I know the quality of this photo isn’t the best, but come on! Look at that color story! I took this photo during an evening stroll around town, shortly after Modern Millie outgrew her first home in Salem, and had moved to a newer, bigger & brighter space just around the corner from the original. You can’t see it here, but over in the corner, there’s a very handsome rooster wearing pearls. Fancy!

Lingerie Art Show

I think this artist-studio-scene is intimate, unique and poetic. Oddly, the trail of leaves in the bottom of the window and the ethereal curtain are what draws my attention so completely. Such a simple thing and yet, so powerful. I can’t explain it!

Rosey Window

Here, I am reminded of going on thrifting adventures with my mother; we are both drawn to roses and pansies. This is such a lovely set of vintage under-pinnings, and the aesthetic is pleasing and rosy. I kind of want to live inside this window!

Holiday Window ~ Henri Bendel

This is just…well…decadent! Wacky! Like a wild, nutty fever dream. Check out the rat-queen headpiece, the bizarre sextuplet of owls peering over from the grandfather clock, and the strange dolly in the polka-dot & stripes-house. Expect nothing less from Henri Bendel.

A Woman ~ Bygone Vintage Clothing

Another amazing shop, Bygones Vintage Clothing, in Richmond, Va just knocks my socks off with their fantastic window displays which resemble theatrical, artful story boards and snapshots seemingly captured from another time. Do have a peek at their site for more clever and amazing photos of their window displays.

The Man of Elegance ~ De Fursac Paris

The Man of Elegance ~ De Fursac Paris

Simple, Sophisticated, Surreal. De Fursac.

Vintage Swimwear, Sydney Australia - 1940s

I love this elaborate underwater gathering. Are they dancing? Catching fish? Gossiping? Definitely gossiping!

Radio Shop

“Thomas R. Shipp Co. Atwater Kent window. Woodward & Lothrop.” Department store window display of Atwater Kent radio equipment circa 1928 in Washington, D.C. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. (click to embiggen!)

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of window shopping! Stay cool, kittens!


Mlle. Remi


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