Lucile Lingerie Honors A Luxurious Legacy

2 Mar

Hello Darlings!

Today, I am delighted to share with you the stunning Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Britain’s historic brand, Lucile Lingerie.

Lucile Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown♥ Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown ♥

Lucile Lingerie - Indiscretions Chiffon Gown♥ Indiscretions Chiffon Gown

The Lucile Brand, once one of the most iconic and revered fashion houses of the early 20th Century, has been revived by Camilla Blois in a most stunning manner. Lucile Lingerie has recently debuted two collections of lingerie and luxury nightwear, ushering into the world garments that are both instantly classic and unforgettably timeless. The exquisitely beautiful lingerie whispers of another era when women were awakening to a new world where they could be bold, audacious, seductive and daring.

“Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s revolutionary and stunning lingerie designs of the early 20th Century, Lucile represents femininity, elegance and romance. Combining sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and delicate drapery, each piece is crafted to celebrate and enhance the female form.

When buying a Lucile product, you are buying into a piece of history, a celebration of femininity, sensuality and romance. Lady Duff Gordon’s signature style will run through every lingerie item, making it unmistakably recognizable as Lucile.”   ~ Lucile Lingerie Philosophy

Lucile Lingerie Short Black Kimono♥ Duchess of Warwick Georgette Short Black Kimono ♥

Read the full story and see more exquisite lingerie after the break…

Lucile Lingerie - Duchess of Warwick♥ Duchess of Warwick Lace Balcony Bra & Tie-Back Briefs ♥

Lady Duff Gordon was at the turn of the 2oth Century, the most influential and inspired couturier in the world. She defied tradition, broke through social barriers, and adopted a trade which was unheard-of for a woman of her social class. She began designing clothing and eventually launched her own lingerie collections under her nickname, ‘Lucile’. Once again, she set herself apart in an industry that was dominated by men, and the French. Lady Gordon freed women from the tight bonds of stodgy, tweedy garments and corsets, and her designs sparked a new era in which it was possible to not only celebrate the female form, but drape it in luxurious, sheer and provocatively gowns.

Her couture became celebrated in high social circles; she designed clothing for Royalty, socialites, theatrical productions, and believe it or not, Sears Roebuck. Lady Gordon also created the concept of fashion shows and the use of “mannequins” – aka human models – whom she gave stage names and muse-like persona’s. Several of her models would later come to be featured in Ziegfeld Follies! The garments she designed were also given dramatic, romantic names inspired by poetry, theater, and the aristocratic women she clothed. She also wrote fashion and culture articles for Harper’s Bazaar, as well as a famous advice column! Lady Gordon must have seemed a figure larger than life, diversifying her talents and abilities in a way that is decidedly modern. She was a passionate woman, unafraid of taking risks.

I would rather not spend too much time talking about the tragic decline and legal struggles of Lady Gordon; suffice to say I prefer to celebrate her legacy and look towards the future, one populated with culture and style that owes a great deal of credit to Lady Gordon’s brilliant life.

And so, it is with amazing talent and passion that the Lucile brand is lovingly revitalized by Lady Gordon’s great-great granddaughter! Throughout each of the new designs, Camilla Blois has infused the garments with heartwarming details: luxurious silk, satin and chiffon in saturated colors, intricate silk-flower appliques, and wide kimono belts, all of which were often featured in Lady Gordon’s ‘Lucile’ designs.

The ‘Queen of Spain’ is a dramatic, sultry collection of Spanish-red silk that is beyond rich. The ‘Halter-Neck Gown’ is draped so beautifully, it’s almost as if the gown was made for swaying down a long hallway, or dancing a slow, enchanting flamenco.

Lucile Lingerie Queen of Spain Silk Balcony Bra ♥ Queen of Spain Silk Balcony Bra ♥

Lucile Lingerie The Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Night Dress♥ Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown ♥

The ‘Duchess of Warwick’ collection is a bit more demure and playfully elegant; the contrast between crisp white silk and rich black lace is striking and very alluring.

Lucile Ivory Silk & Lace Bra, Garter, and Briefs♥ Ivory Silk & Lace Plunge Bra w/ Lace Hipster Brief & Suspender Belt ♥

Lucile Lingeire Duchess of Warwick Silk Chemise ♥ Duchess of Warwick Silk Chemise ♥

I am just so in love with both collections! The AW12 season will be upon us soon, and I’ll be sure to follow-up once these beautiful pieces are available in shops. Until then, much love to this historic and stunning brand.


Mlle. Remi

Image Credits Courtesy of Lucile Lingerie. Please Credit Responsibly!

Stylist: Bryan Harrop
Hair & Makeup: Richard Harvey
Photographer: Matthew Stansfield
Floral Hair Pieces: Frog Flowers
Model: Mathilda at Boss Model Management
Styling Assistants: Laura Timmins, Laura Brown
Hair & Makeup Assistant: Natalie Willingha


3 Responses to “Lucile Lingerie Honors A Luxurious Legacy”

  1. camilla March 4, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    Gorgeous article!

    • Mairose Boutique March 4, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

      Oh thank you Camilla! I had so much fun writing about your collection. Best of luck with the launch!

  2. sultangem March 21, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    At last a Company showing totally feminine lingerie and gowns nightwear and saucywear.
    The shots are terrific and the model shows the history of the ‘Brand’ in some natural and classical positions.

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