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The Return of Loose Buttons

3 Mar

Hello Kittens!

How has your week been? Can you believe it’s March already?! I’ve got big plans coming up this month, and as I look back on the past two months, I can only shake my head at how quickly they were here and then gone. I celebrated my 34th birthday (I don’t mind stating my age; I certainly don’t feel or look my age), the third anniversary of the first date with my fiance, the first anniversary of this blog (!!!), and a rush of excitement at the prospect of making this space a bit more special.

All in all, a great start so far to 2012!

Speaking of “special” things, I’ve decided to bring back the weekly “Loose Buttons” feature, where I share with you some tidbits that kept me humming all week long. I hope you find it enjoyable!

♥ OMG Ponies!!  NO, really! PONIES! Wild In The Pryors is a delightful blog documenting the adventures of various bands of wild horses that roam the Pryor Mountains in Wyoming. I lost a few hours catching up on the archives this week! ; )

♥ The artwork of Liza Bliss Corbett has kept me enthralled and going back for more. I got lost in her gallery sets a few days ago, and can’t stop thinking about these paintings. Haunting. Stunning.  She has just opened a shop to sell her prints and I may have had serious heart palpitations looking at her shop. I want EVERYTHING!  She even has a few iPhone cases!!!  I bought ‘St Bride’ and cannot wait for it to arrive!

LIza Corbett The White Snake

The White Snake by Liza Corbett

Liza Corbett Ars Moriendi

Ars Moriendi by Liza Corbett

Liza Corbett A Lamentation

A Lamenation by Liza Corbett

♥ While we are on the subject of Society6, there is so much wonderful artwork there, and much of it is extremely affordable. I love ‘It’s There! Beneath the water, under the bridge.”, ‘The Lights’, ‘Nothing More’, ‘Unusual Suspects’ (aaaahhh, Fantastic Mr. Fox characters as the Unusual Suspects, brilliant!), and lastly, ‘Everyone Gets Cold. DO click that last one if nothing else. It’s awesome.

♥  I am so excited for the upcoming Tu Fawning album, A Monument, in May. They’ve released the “flagship” song, ‘Bones’, for streaming (and you can listen at the link). It’s become an addiction for me already. Don’t judge me if I play this song five hundred more times next week.

Tu Fawning is a super-group in my opinion, mostly because I adore Corrina Repp (major lady crush; she’s a drummer!), and I’m obsessed with Joe Hague, 31Knots, and his solo effort, Vin Blanc.  ‘A Felt Sense’ from Tu Fawning’s debut album, Hearts On Hold, perfectly captures the strange harmonies and echoing vocals of Corrina and Joe, laid down over a jilting and almost tribal drum beat. I’m so drawn to this sound, I go days not being able to get it out of my head.


Viva La Violette has been publishing a set of extremely helpful articles about “building a solid SEO foundation” on your blog. It’s free, packed full of easy-to-understand information and visual examples. It’s a series that is definitely worth a look! SEO Bootcamp

♥ If you are a fan of historical novels and fancy a great read, I recommend checking out Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran. The novel chronicles the life of of Cleopatra & Mark Antony’s children, Selene and Alexander after the death of their parents and “adoption” into the family of Octavian Augustus I. The Roman Emperor was essentially the enemy of Egypt and responsible for pushing Cleopatra and Antony to desperate measures including the taking of their own lives. Rich in detail and written from the perspective of Selene, the story unfolds to tell of her observations about living in the house of her parent’s mortal enemies, and adapting to a new Roman culture that is vastly different from her own Hellenic-Egyptian upbringing. I won’t spoil the ending, but history tells us that Selene became a co-ruler of Maurtania, a reign that brought peace and prosperity to the region. It’s a wonderful novel that pieces together the events of her early life.

♥ These 1939 shoe designs by French designer Steven Arpad are incredible. Does anyone agree that a lot of these styles are being re-created today? Especially the platform shoes. I want the gold-and-black fan pumps!

A recent article in Intelligent Life features a conversation with Cate Blanchett about running a theater in Sydney with her husband. I love reading about pretty much anyone who runs a business as a couple, and it’s no less fascinating to read about celebrities doing just that. Blanchett seems very down to earth and humble; she is one of my all-time-favorite actresses and it’s great to read about her doing something she’s so passionate about, outside of the Hollywood machine.

♥ For the fella in your life, or any fella’s reading, here is a visual guide of “The Hierarchy Of Beards”. My favorites are the ‘Patchy McGee, ‘Lose Yer Keys’, and the ‘Bunny Down’. Ha!

Ranunculus Market is a pretty cute Etsy shop; I’m rather fond of her crepe-paper flowers.

That’s it for now! Stay cool, be merry and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Mlle Remi

Liza Bliss Artwork Courtesy of Liza Corbett. Please Credit Responsibly!


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