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Gothic Romance

7 Mar

I don’t usually go in for fetish wear, but parts of this photo shoot are stunning and dark. Natalie Shau & Hideo (caution, link is NSFW and contains some graphic fetish imagery in case that’s not your thing) have captured a romantic, dark mood with frothy black lace and giant black roses. This is like something out of a Gothic fairy tale, conjuring thoughts of tangled, deep-black forests and brambles that reach out to pull you into a thorny embrace.

Natalie Shau & Hideo Portraits

Natalie Shau & Hideo Portraits

Natalie Shau & Hideo Portraits

Stunning. The last image is a bit freak-show, but I love it the line it straddles between art and erotica. What do you think, dear reader?


Mlle. Remi

Photography by Natalie Shau & Hideo. Please Credit Responsibly!
Art direction, styling and post process Natalie Shau

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