The Return of Loose Buttons

3 Mar

Hello Kittens!

How has your week been? Can you believe it’s March already?! I’ve got big plans coming up this month, and as I look back on the past two months, I can only shake my head at how quickly they were here and then gone. I celebrated my 34th birthday (I don’t mind stating my age; I certainly don’t feel or look my age), the third anniversary of the first date with my fiance, the first anniversary of this blog (!!!), and a rush of excitement at the prospect of making this space a bit more special.

All in all, a great start so far to 2012!

Speaking of “special” things, I’ve decided to bring back the weekly “Loose Buttons” feature, where I share with you some tidbits that kept me humming all week long. I hope you find it enjoyable!

♥ OMG Ponies!!  NO, really! PONIES! Wild In The Pryors is a delightful blog documenting the adventures of various bands of wild horses that roam the Pryor Mountains in Wyoming. I lost a few hours catching up on the archives this week! ; )

♥ The artwork of Liza Bliss Corbett has kept me enthralled and going back for more. I got lost in her gallery sets a few days ago, and can’t stop thinking about these paintings. Haunting. Stunning.  She has just opened a shop to sell her prints and I may have had serious heart palpitations looking at her shop. I want EVERYTHING!  She even has a few iPhone cases!!!  I bought ‘St Bride’ and cannot wait for it to arrive!

LIza Corbett The White Snake

The White Snake by Liza Corbett

Liza Corbett Ars Moriendi

Ars Moriendi by Liza Corbett

Liza Corbett A Lamentation

A Lamenation by Liza Corbett

♥ While we are on the subject of Society6, there is so much wonderful artwork there, and much of it is extremely affordable. I love ‘It’s There! Beneath the water, under the bridge.”, ‘The Lights’, ‘Nothing More’, ‘Unusual Suspects’ (aaaahhh, Fantastic Mr. Fox characters as the Unusual Suspects, brilliant!), and lastly, ‘Everyone Gets Cold. DO click that last one if nothing else. It’s awesome.

♥  I am so excited for the upcoming Tu Fawning album, A Monument, in May. They’ve released the “flagship” song, ‘Bones’, for streaming (and you can listen at the link). It’s become an addiction for me already. Don’t judge me if I play this song five hundred more times next week.

Tu Fawning is a super-group in my opinion, mostly because I adore Corrina Repp (major lady crush; she’s a drummer!), and I’m obsessed with Joe Hague, 31Knots, and his solo effort, Vin Blanc.  ‘A Felt Sense’ from Tu Fawning’s debut album, Hearts On Hold, perfectly captures the strange harmonies and echoing vocals of Corrina and Joe, laid down over a jilting and almost tribal drum beat. I’m so drawn to this sound, I go days not being able to get it out of my head.


Viva La Violette has been publishing a set of extremely helpful articles about “building a solid SEO foundation” on your blog. It’s free, packed full of easy-to-understand information and visual examples. It’s a series that is definitely worth a look! SEO Bootcamp

♥ If you are a fan of historical novels and fancy a great read, I recommend checking out Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran. The novel chronicles the life of of Cleopatra & Mark Antony’s children, Selene and Alexander after the death of their parents and “adoption” into the family of Octavian Augustus I. The Roman Emperor was essentially the enemy of Egypt and responsible for pushing Cleopatra and Antony to desperate measures including the taking of their own lives. Rich in detail and written from the perspective of Selene, the story unfolds to tell of her observations about living in the house of her parent’s mortal enemies, and adapting to a new Roman culture that is vastly different from her own Hellenic-Egyptian upbringing. I won’t spoil the ending, but history tells us that Selene became a co-ruler of Maurtania, a reign that brought peace and prosperity to the region. It’s a wonderful novel that pieces together the events of her early life.

♥ These 1939 shoe designs by French designer Steven Arpad are incredible. Does anyone agree that a lot of these styles are being re-created today? Especially the platform shoes. I want the gold-and-black fan pumps!

A recent article in Intelligent Life features a conversation with Cate Blanchett about running a theater in Sydney with her husband. I love reading about pretty much anyone who runs a business as a couple, and it’s no less fascinating to read about celebrities doing just that. Blanchett seems very down to earth and humble; she is one of my all-time-favorite actresses and it’s great to read about her doing something she’s so passionate about, outside of the Hollywood machine.

♥ For the fella in your life, or any fella’s reading, here is a visual guide of “The Hierarchy Of Beards”. My favorites are the ‘Patchy McGee, ‘Lose Yer Keys’, and the ‘Bunny Down’. Ha!

Ranunculus Market is a pretty cute Etsy shop; I’m rather fond of her crepe-paper flowers.

That’s it for now! Stay cool, be merry and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Mlle Remi

Liza Bliss Artwork Courtesy of Liza Corbett. Please Credit Responsibly!



Lucile Lingerie Honors A Luxurious Legacy

2 Mar

Hello Darlings!

Today, I am delighted to share with you the stunning Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Britain’s historic brand, Lucile Lingerie.

Lucile Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown♥ Queen of Spain Halter-Neck Gown ♥

Lucile Lingerie - Indiscretions Chiffon Gown♥ Indiscretions Chiffon Gown

The Lucile Brand, once one of the most iconic and revered fashion houses of the early 20th Century, has been revived by Camilla Blois in a most stunning manner. Lucile Lingerie has recently debuted two collections of lingerie and luxury nightwear, ushering into the world garments that are both instantly classic and unforgettably timeless. The exquisitely beautiful lingerie whispers of another era when women were awakening to a new world where they could be bold, audacious, seductive and daring.

“Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s revolutionary and stunning lingerie designs of the early 20th Century, Lucile represents femininity, elegance and romance. Combining sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and delicate drapery, each piece is crafted to celebrate and enhance the female form.

When buying a Lucile product, you are buying into a piece of history, a celebration of femininity, sensuality and romance. Lady Duff Gordon’s signature style will run through every lingerie item, making it unmistakably recognizable as Lucile.”   ~ Lucile Lingerie Philosophy

Lucile Lingerie Short Black Kimono♥ Duchess of Warwick Georgette Short Black Kimono ♥

Read the full story and see more exquisite lingerie after the break…

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‘Hips and Curves’ Get It Right

1 Mar

Hello Vixens,

I hope you are sitting down. I just went a bit crazy, and you will see why in just a second. Hips and Curves, a website specializing in full-figure lingerie, has done something so very refreshing: their models are real, curvy women wearing lingerie that has been designed perfectly for sumptuous, flattering curves. Wonders of the world!

The second most-amazing discovery is the sheer amount of products available in an expansive range of sizes from 36C to 52J in bras, and 1/1x-4/4x for bottoms and hosiery!  They carry everyday lingerie such as bras and underwear (OMG, THESE RIGHT NOW) robes and sleepwear, hosiery, shapewear, and garter belts, as well as corsets, costumes and flirty knickers. Bridal, boudoir, burlesque, booty. It’s all there! Even steampunk!!

Hips and CurvesMid-Afternoon Romp Camisole and Boy Short

Halter Babydoll With Tie Cups mesh with matching g-string

Lace Garter Tank with Ribbons

Lace Trim Satin Teddy

Hips and Curves, located in Southern California, is run by Rebecca Jennings, and her mission is to create a place “where women go to celebrate themselves.” The collections are well curated and offer so many fun options of lingerie and accessories. Read the full post for a peek at more amazing lingerie and curves after the jump…

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Result Wear: Shapewear For The Modern Vixen

29 Feb

Result Wear, a new line of shapewear from parent brand dMondaine has emerged recently, featuring several innovative, femme-fatale, vixen-inspired designs that have made their first shapewear collection a huge success amongst the celebrity and socialite set.

Don’t let that level of popularity stop you from peeking at the collections! Glamorous and seriously down-to-business, this is shapewear built for a Classic Gal in the body of a Modern Woman. I see it as being the ultimate versatile shapewear; ladies could wear this with vintage wiggle dresses, underneath a stuffy suit at the day-job, peeking out of  a coat-dress on a second date, or nestled under a warm sweater dress for drinks with the Gals.

The collection features four pieces, all featureing breathable “performance fabric” that “firms and shapes” to create a smooth, flattened silhouette. Cleverly-shaped built-in bras create dramatic supportwithout an underwire, while tummy panels and smoothing bands flatter your body’s natural curves.

Results Wear Collection
VictoriaMarilynJane & Stella

My personal favorite is the ‘Victoria’ Mesh Slip, which is meant to be stepped into and pulled upwards for best fit and comfort. I would wear this every single day under any number of dresses and skirts. The ‘Marilyn’, which lifts and smooths, features a contoured hem so that it won’t bunch or ride up your leg, or need to be constantly tugged downwards. ‘Jane’ is a perfect everyday-bra, with contouring cups that lift and plump. The half-length ‘Stella’ slip can be worn with Jane, or separately for ultimate mixing & matching with bras already in your wardrobe!

For more ways to adorn yourself with Result Wear, visit their illustrated fashion-plate styling tips and silhouettes.

Result Wear Jane BraJane Bra

Result Wear can be purchased at Neiman Marcus, Largo Drive and directly from Result Wear. Knock ’em dead, kittens! Mrrooow!


Mlle. Remi

Images: Result Wear and Largo Drive. Please Credit Responsibly!

Pretty Polly ~ Tights Galore!

28 Feb

As the weather turns from slightly cold to slightly less cold (we’re experiencing a strangely mild winter where I live), my thoughts turn to tights. Usually by the time March rolls around, I am still stuck wearing thick, wooly tights and legwarmers.

This season however, I find myself pondering the transitional legwear needed for a mild spring. Nothing too bulky, nothing too skimpy, warm enough but not roasting in my boots.

Pretty Polly, one of the UK’s oldest legwear brands, has some fantastic high-quality tights to suit just about every single desire I have right now for interesting and fun legwear!

While a thick pair of 200 denier fleece tights or 150 denier angora blend tights will keep my legs warm in case of a sudden snow-storm, blustery spring days call for something thinner, such as 120 denier modal tights. If the spring weather becomes confusingly-warmer, switching to a pair of 60 denier plush tights will be much more comfortable!

After warmer weather sets in, it gets easier to have fun with one’s wardrobe and legwear. The examples below are so much fun! I’m obsessed with the faux-suspender tights! ♥


Stylish TightsSuspended TightsUnbelievable TightsFlighty Ribbon Bow Backseam Tights

I also LOVE a good pair of nylons, although I’m afraid they get a bad reputation from being compared to the awful, low-quality of drug store nylons. These are NOT those, my friends.

Pretty Polly 10 denier nylons come in a wide variety of colors, from skin-tone to gray to black shades, in several different styles such as lace hold ups, full-leg backseams, glossy stockings and glossy full-leg nylons.


Nylons – Lace Top Hold UpsNylons – Backseam TightsNylons – Gloss StockingsNylons – Gloss Tights

The collaboration of Pretty Polly for House of Holland has yielded some awesomely-modern designs as well; having Jessie J model for the campaign is certainly eye opening too! They get bonus points for being extremely affordable and high-quality to boot! ♥ ♥ ♥

Pretty Polly is available from their website (with international shipping), and in the US from My Tights.


Mlle. Remi

Images via Pretty Polly UK. Please Credit Responsibly!

Amuse-Bouche Winter 2012

27 Feb

I’ve had my eye on Amuse-Bouche for quite some time; the intriguing Scotland-based brand is most certainly a personal favorite. You know me, I go in for sweet details, special fabrics, and the little touches that make a garment so unique and alluring. I love the old-world take on romantic style; tradition meets mysterious and coy.

Each piece of lingerie designed by Marie Lauchlan is uniquely crafted with some pieces being very limited edition, so this is truly a bespoke lingerie brand. Amuse-Bouche specializes in designs created from ethically sourced fabrics, vintage trims, trinkets and hand-embellished lace.

Amuse-Bouche Beware My Lovely

Beware My Lovely

Amuse-Bouche began as something so sweet and kind, a designer creating special lingerie for her friends to wear on their wedding day. Frilly garter belts, luxurious ivory satin, delicate lace, silver and pearl ornaments, all lovely and so darling! What a wonderful way to begin!

The Winter Collection – inspired by the classic era of film noir – is theatrical, elegant, and special. Each garment is intricately detailed and resplendent with trinkets and ribbons. This is lingerie that a blushing bride can wear long after the wedding bells fade, or anytime a bit of romance and intrigue is needed.

Amuse-Bouche Winter 2012

Secret Beyond The DoorJolies Choses (Champagne)Arsenic and Old Lace

Amuse-Bouce So Dark The NightSo Dark the Night

I know it seems as if I favor only UK designers, and I do have a penchant for English Lace, admittedly! I suppose it’s more accurate to say that I respect and admire England’s textile industry, so any designer that pays homage to such a treasured legacy gets high marks from me! Marie’s philosophy is represented beautifully throughout both her Winter and Summer collections; she’s even used appliques “rescued from a 1960’s wedding gown”, vintage silver and pearl brooches, hand-embellished lace, ruffles, and satin bows.

A selection of garments are available on Etsy, Folksy, and directly from Marie at Amuse-Bouche. Enjoy!


Mlle. Remi

Images Courtesy of Amuse-Bouche. Please Credit Responsibly!

Photographer: Tom Cairns
Model: Adriana Bucur
Hair & Make-up: Kaeleigh Wallace

Lingerie Endearments

26 Feb

Hello Dearies!

Since I started blogging (in fits and starts, mind you) I have been surprised by so many wonderful events surrounding this blog, and myself in general. It’s a glorious feeling to be able to write about a topic that I’m so passionate about, and there is never any shortage of fantastic pretty things to discover. Lucky me!!

Image Credits: Mairose Boutique

I’ve fawned over hundreds of amazing lingerie designers (both small and large), all wildly talented, creative and astoundingly original. I’ve come to appreciate European legacies of textile production including silk, satin, lace, and modern fabrics – all while honoring a long history of fabric milling. Many UK designers are supporting entire factories that have been in business for hundreds of years. I am in awe of this, and deeply support the continuation of Legacy.

Of course, the world is changing and needs to be taken care of in a more responsible way. Refreshingly, many legacy factories – and a great majority of designers – are embracing environmentally-sound manufacturing processes; milling organic cotton, blending sustainable bamboo and silk, developing cleaner dye processes, etc.. Other designers source and use vintage fabrics and materials, and one-of-a-kind embellishments, or craft them by hand. In our Modern Age, it’s wonderful to see so much variety in lingerie and intimate wear.

Image Credits: Mairose Boutique

Read more after the jump…

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