A Day at the Museum

5 Sep

Last week, during my epic stay-cation, my honey-of-a-fiance convinced me to put on some clothes and leave the house.  For adventures! In the city!

So, I packed us a lunch of sandwiches and fruit, and we set off for the Museum of Science in Boston.  I hadn’t been to the museum since I was a teenager; my dad used to take me there frequently and I somehow fell out of habit of going on a regular basis.  It was kind of neat to see how much things had changed, but also stayed the same.   Several of the exhibits are new and modern, but there are lots of exhibits that have been there, unchanged and permanent.  There is still a 1970’s feel to the building, especially when you find yourself in the stairwells and certain back-corners.

I’m a huge fan of dioramas; nothing excites me as much as little village-recreations, shipyards, animal habitats, and diagrams of bodies.  I could sit for hours digesting the details and never get tired.

The train station below is an actual model of Boston’s North Station and commuter train terminal.  I ride the trains every weekday.  I like to think there’s a little diorama version of me sitting on that teeny train below, waving and saying “hello”.

My favorite addition to the museum is the Butterfly Garden.  There is something so serene about sitting in a room full of exotic butterflies and plants (once you settle down on a bench and tune out all of the excited children, of course).  For a moment, watching the butterflies flitting around, I felt transported to another time when science was new, and the natures and habits of insects were full of mystery and magic.

There are also some very creepy exhibits, like this one of of malformed fingers and hands.  Too many fingers….indeed.  The middle finger(s) fused together gave me the heebie-jeebies, until I noticed the extra thumb growing out of the side of the hand in the middle.  Wow.

Look at this fossil of an ant colony!  This makes me really scratch my head; do all colonies form in this way?  Amazing.

All in all, the day was lovely.  Pete and I ate our sandwiches in a quiet nook by the water and talked about all the new things we’d learned in the museum.  Scholarly ambitions soothe me; my brain felt alive and humming.  Getting out of the house for a change of scenery and intelligent experience was such a balm!  Almost as much as coming home and changing into my silk nightgown again!


Mlle. Remi


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