Loose Buttons: Wherein I Apologize With Links

5 Apr

Oh my, I have a lot of explaining to do, don’t I kittens?  After an incredibly long absence, I think its better to flash a coy smile, shrug my shoulders, and say “oh so sorry!” to all of you for the lack of posts.  I’ll even sweeten the deal with a massive round-up of Loose Buttons!  Hold onto your britches my dears!

♥ Remember the kooky rumor that your astrology sign may have changed, due to shifting of the earth’s axis in connection to the constellations? Did you scramble to make sense of the impact on your long-held astrological personality traits? Fear not, my dears; the queen of amazingly-accurate forecasts, Susan Miller, has de-bunked the claim and explains what is really happening. Your sign has not changed! Thank goodness! I’m still an aloof & quirky Aquarius, yay!

♥ Are you a bookish gal who gets hot & bothered around stacks of books?  Do you spend hours re-arranging your book collection by spine color?  Is a good book your favorite thing to cuddle with? Then Bookshelf Porn is just for you!

♥ Need an emotional pick-me-up? Neil Patrick Harris has a perfect recipe for going from BLAH to RAH!

♥ Speaking of pick-me-up’s, spend five minutes breathing in synchronicity via guided-breathing exercises at {Do As One}. This is a pretty neat concept where you learn how to breath with consciousness and purpose, energize your chakra, and unite your body energy with positively-charged intention.  Drop into any of the guided “breathing rooms” and join thousands of other users breathing in sync simultaneously. NEAT!

DIY Leopard-print nails are very much in fashion right now.  I wish I could stop biting my nails, because I would totally rock this look!  Via {Beaut.ie} (an Irish beauty blog that is SOOOO cute).

♥ More DIY inspiration from the lovely {Belle Maison} design blog.  This DIY focuses on re-purposing salvaged items in new & interesting ways. My favorite is the ladder-turned-garden-potting-shelf.

♥ This “crown jewel” cake is some kind of crazy! What….I don’t even….cannot fathom how this might taste. {via Sprinkle Bakes}

♥ Perhaps these raw chocolate brownies might be a better choice than that crazy crown jewel cake?  These brownies are virtually guilt free, made from good-fats and sweets:  walnuts, dates, cacao powder, coconut, and agave syrup.  YUMMY! {via The Rawtarian}

♥ Need a break, or maybe even a nap? Here’s a great playlist of “songs to lie on your bed and stare off into space to”.   Nevermind that I just ended a sentence with a preposition, okay?

♥ I love this collection of urban Skelewags graffiti!

♥ The tumbler “Aled Knows Best” of London-based artist Aled Lewis is chock full of his ironic & unexpected “toy stories”. I was looking at these with the Mister and my niece and we were all laughing so hard.

♥ This short film by Lina Piloplyte presents an inspirational look at “Advanced Style: Age and Beauty”, told by amazing, kooky and stylish women including Iris Apfel, queen of textiles and accessories. I love hearing how these women have evolved their personal style, and seeing how they put outfits together. Watching this video also makes me realize I’m not wearing enough jewelry, ever! More bracelets, stat!! {via Nowness.com}

‘Watercolors by Grzegorz Wrobel’ is a gorgeous collection of unusual watercolor paintings. The artist is an architect by profession and you can see that come through in his artwork.  I’m enamored with the way he captures light and texture in such detail with watercolors!

“The most difficult thing when working with watercolors is to control water! You just cannot control it 100%. I use a lot of water and I think it is the greatest thing to observe how it flows on your paper and creates magical things.”

♥ These editorials by Andy Julia are stunning, sexy, ethereal, gothic, and dark. LOVE THEM ALL. So much beauty!

Alright my darlings, this should keep you busy while I fluff the knicker drawer and find new frocks for you to admire.


Mlle. Remi


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