Panty of the Day: Pancakes & Polka Dots

13 Mar

Up & at ’em Skipper!  You’ve got a full day ahead of you, so hop on out of bed and gimmee five jumping jacks!  Get the blood flowing!  Now, run along to the kitchen and make yourself a mug of hot water with lemon & cayenne pepper to spark yourself awake. Stand up strong solider!

Have you ever had a dream about food that was so strong, it was the only reason you got out of bed so early on a Sunday when the sun is just barely slipping over the horizon?  Strawberry pancakes are a heavy draw for me.

However, pancakes do not cook themselves, but luckily they are kinda foolproof.  You can totally stumble into the kitchen & rustle up some flap jacks in a jiffy.   There is a certain special moment when you can cook breakfast in your underwear.  Its frisky!  Watch out with that hot butter.

La Belle Vie Bra & Hipster by Bounce

La Belle Vie Bra & Hipster by Bounce

These adorable polka-dot lingerie sets from ((Bounce)) are a treat; they look very soft and supportive.  The knickers look like fit a real woman, which is nice!  So comfy looking!

One needs cute lingerie for making pancakes, even if its just for YOU.  If you don’t enjoy getting dolled up for yourself, drop me a line and we’ll get creative about ways that you can fall in love with your own gorgeous self.

Have a great day!  I’m off to make strawberry pancakes!


Mlle. Remi




One Response to “Panty of the Day: Pancakes & Polka Dots”

  1. Anonymous July 10, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    Where can I find Womens full brief panties with Large
    Polka-Dots and matching bra and garter belt?! There is a website that has mostly polka dot briefs and bras and garters does anyone have the link?

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