Loose Buttons: Super Long Friday Edition

25 Feb

There are many, many loose buttons this week!  I’ve had lots of internet time I suppose!  I do get things done however, I assure you.  ; )

♥ I would be keeping a delicious secret if I didn’t share this amazing raw chocolate milkshake recipe from Sarah Britton of My New Roots.

My New Roots ~ Sarah Britton

My New Roots ~ Sarah Britton

Oh my goodness, this milkshake is sooo yummy.  I know it might seem indulgent at first, but you can’t go wrong with banana, avacado, chia seeds and cashews.  Add in the antioxident-rich cacao powder and you’ve got superfood!  The cacao could be substituted with coconut milk and orange juice for a sunshine explosion smoothie!  Over.the.top!

♥ Sarah’s food blog in general has had such an impact upon my dietary landscape, as well as Shutterbean, Golubka, and Rawmazing.  While I’m not quite to the stage of dehydrating all of my food, I certainly do eat a mostly raw diet.  Not gonna lie though, I am still trying to give up meat.  But I’ve succeed in quitting sugar, bread, wheat & dairy (though I am weak in the vicinity of goatsmilk cheese).  I’ve replaced all of that with delicious, healthy options and I am so happy!

♥ I’m quite smitten with the photography of Jane Heller, especially her ‘Vintage Boudoir’ series.

Vintage Girl Boudoir Print by Jane Heller

Vintage Girl Boudoir Print by Jane Heller

♥ I can’t get enough of this article, Send In The Gowns’, from February 2010 which appeared in LA Times Magazine. I’m fascinated by the evolution of the ‘gown’ throughout Hollywood & film history. The 90s were soooo bad, yikes!  I am all the more grateful for a return to old-world charm & style in fashion. Let’s never revisit 90’s fashion, okay? Aside from the that, the article is also a great resource of classic films to watch (perhaps for the first time, or revisiting old favorites).

♥ This Calvin & Hobbes “motivational” poster is so bittersweet. When I was a young lass, I was addicted to C&H cartoons and loved to imagine what kind of adult Calvin would grow up to be. I always believed he’d never forget Hobbes.  I am now completely reassured that childhood dreams and imagination are not forgotten, only passed down to children.

♥ Have you seen Craft Gawker? Its a really fantastic aggregater of DIY craft projects, home decorating ideas, a plethora of etsy products, and lots of up-and-coming artists & designers.  Its not completely commercial, and there’s a large number of DIY tags to work your imagination into a froth.

Craft Gawker

Craft Gawker

Here are a few of my favorite projects from Craft Gawker:

Indoor Tabletop water garden

Ruffle Necklace

Bookpaper Wreath

[See also Food Gawker for a compendium of food blogs, recipes, and resources from all over the world wild west web.]

♥ I love the haunting artwork of Albert Lee; the shading, light-work, and realism is stunning.  There’s a kind of deadly look in ‘Wednesday Adams’ eyes, the apathetic daughter, darkly psychopathic.  The shimmering water and candlelight in ‘Girl, tub’ is a bit hypnotizing.

Wednesday Adams by Albert Lee

Wednesday Adams by Albert Lee

Girl, tub by Albert Lee

Girl, tub by Albert Lee

♥ Oh my, California Home Design’s website is soooo drool-worthy.

A Compendium of Beards!

Cute idea for gift-giving! Make your own vanilla extract!

♥ This Russian Blog and this painting.  Does anyone recognize this, or know the artist?  LOVE LOVE LOVE.



♥ This performance by Andrew Bird at Nigel Godrich’s studio.  Bird’s solo-performances are so incredible to watch; he lays down his own tracks, loops and weaves different instruments together seamlessly.  He’s also adorably dapper, plays in his socks, and puts over-tired babies to sleep.  Not that I have a baby!  I’ve just heard that from moms who do!!

♥ Nigel Godrich’s “From The Basement” dvd & videos.  Radiohead, Sonic Youth, PH Harvey, QOtSA & so many more have all recorded in his studio, filmed in HD.  You might remember that Dead Weather debuted in the UK live from Nigel’s studio with a 20 minute set.  Pretty neat.  The videos are GREAT.

Well kittens, I hope I’ve kept you busy, inspired, electrified & radiated!  Get out there and dance!


Mlle. Remi


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