Panty of the Day: Rita High Waist Knickers

19 Feb

The resurgence of high-waist knickers and panties makes me soooo happy. I’m not talking granny panties, but rather fashionable, edgy & downright sexy knickers with lace panels and smoothing properties.

Finding designers that are tapped into the hollywood glamour vibe sets my heart a-flame. Enter Fortnight Lingerie, based out of Toronto. The esty shop is full of lingerie that might seem basic at first glance, but quickly reveals well-crafted works of art.  The pieces are an interesting mix of satin, mesh and cotton blended together in unexpected ways.

On one hand, several pieces are almost androgynous and would be perfect for the gender neutral and butch alike. These french knickers have a boxer-short appeal that I think would make one hell-of-a-surprise gift to the butch in your life!

On the other hand, there are comfy-looking tank tops & underwear, and minimalist bras.  Then there are numbers like this:

Rita High Waist Knickers by Fortnight Lingerie

Rita High Waist Knickers by Fortnight Lingerie Photo © Fortnight Lingerie

See what I mean about a classic high waist panty with a front lace panel?  LOVE.

Some of my other favorites include a blue & ivory bra and panty set that makes me think of classic blonde actresses, lounging around in long satin robes. *There I go again with the robes!!*

The best part of all is that the lingerie is affordable, handmade, and unique.  You can also likely count on natural fabrics that have been chosen with compassion with thought put into fit & comfort. Trifecta!

Do hop over to the Fortnight Lingerie Etsy shop; you won’t regret it!

P.S. This chemise is simply sexy. I mean it. SEXY. I love open-back shirts & dresses. Vavoom!


Mlle. Remi


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