The Search For Pointelle

17 Feb

Sometimes it can be so frustrating to see photos of lingerie or hosiery and not know who designed/created/made the product.  Alas, the syndrome of dropping photo & other creationist credits from pictures, festered by tumblr & pinterest.  Sigh.

Ever since I found that lovely image of the frothy, ice-cream-sunday inspired ensemble (featured here) with the white pointelle thigh-highs, they have been haunting me.  A friend also inquired about their source and I could not be helpful with an answer.  And so…I’ve come up with some alternatives.

Up first, and perhaps the closest match are these Snuggly Pointelle Socks by Free People, which are sadly out of stock:

Free People Snuggly Pointelle Socks

Free People Snuggly Pointelle Socks

Up next, these adorable Ruche crochet over-the-knee socks.  They are almost the same, and at $14.99 you can’t beat the price!

Ruche Crochet Over the Knee Sock

Ruche Crochet Over the Knee Sock

Next, and also from Free People, Roll-top Knee Socks.  If you have short-ish legs, you could probably attach garters to these to achieve the same look.

Free People Roll-top Knee Socks

Free People Roll-top Knee Socks

Yet another option, the Aran Sheer Cable Sock by Free People.

Free People Sheer Cable Tall Sock
Free People Sheer Cable Tall Sock

Sock Dreams has an open-crocheted version as well, and we all know how awesome their hosiery can be!

These diamond-raised stitch stockings from Urban Outfitters might do the trick, although they may be too short on people with long legs (you lucky ducks!).

Another option would be to buy a pair of pointelle tights and cut off the seat part, separating the legs into two separate pieces, which you can then wear with a suspender belt.  DIY!  Express has a black pair of chevron-pointelle tights which might do the trick.  I have also found pointelle tights at Target and Anthropologie in the past.

Hopefully, if you were as curious to hunt down white pointelle thigh-highs, this post has been helpful to you!  I know I feel better! Till next time ducklings!


Mlle. Remi


4 Responses to “The Search For Pointelle”

  1. Laura Anne Febonio February 20, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Thanks for the info, Remi!

  2. layla August 30, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    I have been on the search for a pretty cashmere or crochet thigh high as well!! Thanks so much for this post- pointing me in the right direction 😉 The ones on Ruche are close to what I’m looking for and I had never thought to look there! xo L

    • Mairose Boutique August 31, 2011 at 6:50 pm #

      Oh, you’re welcome! I also did a round-up today of a bunch of tights, socks and thigh-highs in case you are interested! I’m not sure if the ones on Ruche are still available though.

      Thanks for stopping by Layla!

      PS. Are you one of the gals from ‘Between the Sheets’?


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