Divine Treats

16 Feb

Hello Kittens. Valentine’s Day certainly whooshed past quickly, at least in my world! On the day in question, I was sick and confined to bed all day long while the Mister made floral deliveries to dozens of lucky women (and one man). Now here I am, mid-week, enjoying busy days and languid nights, slowly recovering from a recurring illness. Thankfully, the weekend leading up to the fated day of romance was spent in the company of the Mister, pattering around town and bopping around the house. On Saturday he took me shopping for produce (!!!) and lingerie…and oh what a treat that was, to be set free amongst satin & lace and told to pick out anything I wanted. I’m spoiled rotten!


Bibiana Mesa for Amulette SS10

Bibiana Mesa for Amulette SS10

{Bibana Mesa for Amulette Lingerie}

Truthfully, I am loathe to go wild on someone else’s dime (much to the Mister’s chagrin) so I didn’t go too crazy! I picked out four pairs of panties, a new suspender belt (which is DIVINE), a frilly white teddy , and a long satin Oscar de la Renta robe in pure ivory. I have a confession to make: I am OBSESSED with robes! I have so many of them, and I love to coordinate them with the rest of my underpinnings. Frisky!

The panties are very exciting too! One pair is red with ruffles, another pair made by Honeydew are hot pink with blue lace, made from the softest fabric ever. There is also a boring white hipster panty (function over fashion my darlings), and a feisty red pair of boy shorts that are super flattering and very comfortable (also by Honeydew).

I am aware that lingerie as a Valentine’s gift could be perceived as cliche, but this little lady LOVES getting new lingerie; its always a fantastic treat, no matter what silly holiday they happen to be gifted on. Its just nice to have a partner in life who enjoys indulging in the things that make my heart go pitter-patter. ♥

I also made a trip to my favorite vintage & consignment shop, Modern Millie, on Saturday. I received a text early in the day from the shop-keeper (who is also my dearest friend) altering me to the fact that there was an amazing vintage slip from the 1950’s that I just had to come see. When one receives such notice, one obeys!

Alas, the slip was too small for me but still completely amazing. Dusty rose in an a-line shape with teeny-tiny little bra cuplettes built into the garment, with hook-and-latch fasteners down the center from the bust to the belly button, cinching & nipping the waist. Very demure, which I am not! I hope it finds a lovely new home soon!

I did manage to score an incredible navy blue dress with purple & pink flowers and butterflies all over, from the 1940’s, and the best part: it fits me perfectly. I am so excited about this dress and can’t wait for the right moment to wear it out of the house. !!!

Sunday was a self-imposed day of rest. My only stipulation was that I would not be leaving the house. Sometimes I just require time to stay at home without any obligations to run errands or do chores. So, I slept late and woke up to freshly-made juice and watched a few episodes of Deadwood with the Mister. I spent lots of time in the kitchen cooking and making little treats, and marveling at the sheer amount of produce required when your nutrition is mostly raw and/or juice.

Overall, the weekend was fantastic but I paid for it on Monday morning. Alas, life!

How was your Valentine’s Day sweetie-pie? I hope that no matter your situation, that you took some time to love yourself in all of your glory.

Mlle. Remi


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