Loose Buttons: New Year Edition

2 Jan

Happy “first” Sunday of the new year!  I hope you had a lovely holiday.  I spent New Years night with my fiance and several of our closest friends at a house party.  There was lots of champagne, laughter, and enjoyment.  When the bells tolled at midnight, I spent a few minutes looking around the room at everyone and saw so many special moments happening.  So many happy faces!  I am so grateful to have such an amazing group of friends who support each other, like a family. ♥

Now that the major celebrations have passed, its time for me to get serious about my lazy Sunday! The Mister and I had a delicious breakfast of coconut-french toast & bacon, and then we watched a few South Park episodes from a gifted “Butters” box-set. Now, the Mister is off to watch the Patriots game with the guys, and I’m enjoying some quiet-house time.

Here are some “loose buttons” that kept me going during the past week.

How cute are these {Lavender Postcard Sachets}!

Lavender Post-Card Sachets

Lavender Post-Card Sachets

I’ve got sewing on the brain! I want to make this {Amy Butler Blossom bag} just as soon as my sewing skills improve! So cute!

Amy Butler Blossom Bag

Amy Butler Blossom Bag

This woman is amazing! {101-year-old Woman walks to work every day} via Jezebel.

Kris Carr’s {Healthy Beauty Products} list is a must read for anyone looking for products that are consciously produced without harsh chemicals or animal testing.

Florence Welch was featured in a short video on Nowness. The film comes from a series videos shot by director Tabitha Denholm, during Florence & The Machine’s fall 2010 tour of America. This video was shot in L.A., and perfectly captures Florence’s ethereal energy in a sunny, hazy and breathtaking way.  {Florence Welch Letter From L.A.}

{“Pretty Things: The Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens”} by Liz Goldwyn looks divine! The book peaks into the world of burlesque culture, costumes, and theatrics, and is a companion to the 2005 HBO documentary “Pretty Things”, from Hollywood movie studio legacy, fashion stylist, and historian Liz Goldwyn.

I’m slightly fascinated with Liz Goldwyn! Here’s a cute little {Nowness interview} with Liz prior to the launch of the book.

‘My friend Dita Von Teese is funny to go shopping with, because she will never tell me something is too much. She will say, “You definitely need that piece”—this thing, dripping with sequins.’

{Liz was also featured} at Stylecaster with a look back at her own career and the influence of early burlesque. Definitely worth checking out!

I love this adorable {engagement photo shoot}. The lovely couple look like they are soooo in love with each other. Very sweet. Via {le wedding party}.

The new Blonde Redhead album Penny Sparkle is streaming on their website. Nice!

I love you (me either) ~ Cat Power & Karen Elson

The Truth Is In The Dirt ~ Karen Elson

I hope the last week of 2010 was a good one! Here’s to a new year my pretties!

Mlle. Remi


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